Saturday Rocks


On the heavier side of things, Saturday Rocks plays all the hard driving rock and metal music from the artist.


Dough McDonald Band, Canning, Slight of Mind, Purging Sin, Stick It, Key Of Caustic with your host Squeeza doing a special guest interview with Hank Perry of Slight of Mind.

note: show/music will play automatically.

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Published by Steve Gea

Steve Gargone (Steve Gea) is the owner of Gargone Communications co. Gargone Productions and as well as A longtime musician he understands the jungle we define as "Live ProFormance". He has developed ways to help these artists, weather the famous touring. band, a Tribute Band or a rock cover band he found a way to not only help promote all these bands but also do it for little to no investment. helping today's artists succeed.

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