Site Shutdown

Hi, as you may know this portion of the Gargone Communications Group ( aka Gargone Productions will shut down. will become the site for Gargone Productions. All active bands on Gargone Productions will be moved to as a “Band for hire.”

I Ask Everyone who reads this post to please sign up for the to receive updated information.

All Band Pages will be moved to<your band>

The Main Band Directory Will Be

Gargone Communications Group will still promote the bands in the Gargone Production’s website in the same way and still will charge a $10.00 fee for gigs found by your fans on Gargone Productions.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us either by email or Direct Message here. CHAT WITH US or Email Us here you may chat directly Gargone Productions, Send updated media, MP3, Wav, jpg, MP4, and other information. For people looking to hire a live band for their event may consult staff here as well.

Clients who are interested in hiring a band for an upcoming event will still pay a 100% refundable deposit of only $10.00. After a successful gig this will be the “finder’s fee”

Gargone Productions will still be helping bands and artists succeed, but under the platform.

This will take place on March 4, 2023. All involved bands will be notified of these changes.

Veiw Current Bands


Published by Steve Gea

Steve Gargone (Steve Gea) is the owner of Gargone Communications co. Gargone Productions and as well as A longtime musician he understands the jungle we define as "Live ProFormance". He has developed ways to help these artists, weather the famous touring. band, a Tribute Band or a rock cover band he found a way to not only help promote all these bands but also do it for little to no investment. helping today's artists succeed.

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