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Classic Rock Tribute to The Who

Set time 3 hours

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$750 +

Travel Touring USA


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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The American WHO is the Hottest tribute in New England totally committed to a celebration of the Power and Passion of THE WHO, an incredible recreation of one of the greatest British rock bands from the 1960s to the present.

The band presents an exciting and aurally authentic show, that brings the sound of this legendary band to life. Powerful, unpredictable, charismatic and packed with the unstoppable energy and spirit of Daltrey, Townshend, Moon and Entwistle, American WHO presents a virtual “Who’s who” of both classic songs and deep cuts that bring back the memories of Leeds, Woodstock, Isle of Wight and other historic shows. . Unlike many tributes, The American WHO doesn’t go for recreating the entire studio sound, they prefer to ROCK IT like the WHO did when playing LIVE back in their heyday with the Thunder, Lightning and Vocals that made them the greatest live act ever. The American WHO gives you an authenticity that you rarely find. Playing around New England in the clubs, casinos, Bike Week, the Regent Theater, and across New England, the American WHO is a show not to be missed! Fronted by David Erin Wilson’s dynamic and “spot on” Daltrey vocals, David Tessier’s power-driven guitar chords & Townshend acrobatics, Patrick Crann’s driving Keith Moon rhythms and on-stage antics, Tom Reid’s melodic and precise Entwistle bass runs, and rounded out with John “Sven” Songdahl’s keyboards, American WHO delivers the sounds and energy of those classic live shows! “…While only occasionally destroying Vintage instruments, this celebration of The Who prides itself on authenticity. In addition to reproducing the British band’s classic vocals on stage The American WHO rocks with the same power that thrilled fans in the ’70s…” Boston Globe Magazine ‘American WHO as one of the Top Six Tributes to See’

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