Blue Line Underground



Classic Rock Covers / Originals

Set Length 3 hours

Estimate Cost

$500 – $1000

Travel 50 Miles


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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At their core, Blue Line Underground consists of 3 seasoned musicians, Jason, Dave and Steve, who have been band mates for over a decade. Rising from the ashes of past musical ventures, these Boston locals are moving forward with fresh ideas and a new band whose namesake pays tribute to their original stomping grounds. Starting with the band’s pulse, drummer Jason displays his commanding presence with powerful playing to lay the foundation for the band, with his own stylish twist. His leadership and
enthusiasm are ever present, nor is he short on ideas. He is the beating heart of Blue Line Underground.

He has been lifelong friends of guitarist Dave, whose no nonsense, but dynamic and nuanced Rock N Roll rhythm playing brings the attitude & drive needed for this outfit. His playing is the glue that holds the song together, and keeps everyone else in line! Bassist Steve completes this trio of tried-and-true friends & players, contributing the “meat and
potatoes”, with a tight low-end rumble that is crucial to any rock band worth their salt. Whether he be called upon to hold down the groove, or add in tasteful embellishments, whatever the song calls for, Steve delivers in spades
Acting as a foil to Dave, guitarist Kevin wears his influences on his sleeve, without sounding like a clone of anyone. He contributes a heavy-handed “lead foot” approach to riffing, and a juicy lead style, which is a fusion inspired fiery blues-rock licks, to lyrical & melodic “hanging on the cliff edge” passages, but he can pull out the stops and go for a cascading run of torrential shred when needed. All is done, or at least intended, to be as tasteful as possible!
Last but not least, is the latest member, vocalist Dave “The Doctor”, belting out it out in his trademark seductive but rock-solid vocals. His assertive and professional vocals can project over the band to tantalize every eardrum in the audience. Regardless of the song: cover or original, he never loses the passion and emotion of the performance. His stage presence, charisma and dashing good looks capture the audience as he lures them in and wins over more, and more fans. Blue Line Underground are armed with a constantly changing set list including rock staples by Zeppelin, Stones & Deep Purple. Throwing in contemporary tunes by ranging from Muse to White Stripes and Metallica sprinkled with originals that hold their own, B.L.U are looking forward to reconnecting with audiences in 2021. With regular gigs across New England, there are plenty of opportunities to catch these guys for a great night of some bad ass rock music.

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