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indie punk, noise pop, jangle pop

Artist (Original), Garage Band/Party Band, Recording Artist

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boys cruise is a boy band based out of Brooklyn, New York. Self-described as “snow pop,” boys cruise’s sound is a melting pot of jangle pop, overblown garage rock, doo-wop harmonies, and fast, melodic punk. Since the group’s inception in Burlington, VT in the fall of 2018, boys cruise has gone through multiple lineup changes while cutting their teeth in the Northeast DIY circuit.

With the help of their playful, lo-fi EP “GIRLS CRUISE” in 2018, boys cruise quickly became notorious in the northeast underground for reckless and wild stage antics that ranged anywhere from cutting off the lead singer’s hair mid-set to full-on boxing matches between members and theatrical enactments of ritual possession. The sophomore boys cruise album “boys cruise” sees the band going in a much more noisy, heroic, and unpredictable direction compared to the pop punk and indie showcased on their debut 2019 LP Jerry. boys cruise is Johnny Clarke (lead vocals/guitar), Jack Parker (vocals/bass/drums), and Sammy Josh (vocals/guitar).

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