The Can Collectors


Covers, Artist (Original), Both Covers & Original

Set Length 3 hours

Estimate Cost

$350 – $500

Travel 50 Miles


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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The Can Collectors are a 4 piece out of Western Mass, consisting of acoustic guitar, bass,drums and steel drum, and lots of percussion “extras” We love to interact with crowd doing requests (if we know them) on the spot. playing just about everything and have a unique sound ( the steel drum). The band is a non-conventional that LOVES to laugh.

Carolyn Salls typically sings leads and plays guitar and harmonies. She plays trumpet, drums and bass. Julie Johnson sings leads along with harmonies, plays the steel drum percussion and guitar. Stevie G plays bass guitar. Timothy Britt plays drums, sings lead and harmonies, guitar and bass.

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