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Gargone Productions wants to help you get not only paying gigs at private parties/functions, bars and restaurants but will will paid directly.

This site is geared to find people looking to hire a DJ for parties, functions, bars and halls. Fill out the forum below and we will build a page for your band as potential customers can check you out and possibly hire you on the spot for their next function (if you’re available). Please give us as much information as possible including links to photos, video along with a short bio and watch us work our magic. There is NO FEE to be on this site. All gigs found are contracted through Gargone Productions and your Band or Agent gets paid directly.

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Your Star rating is important Gargone productions calculates a DJ’s star rating based on how you fill this forum out. To see how the star rating works. Star Rating (will open a new window)

Non Exclusive Contract

I understand that I am permitting to use all content from the information provided including links, Pics, audio and video to promote services by both Gargone Productions and DJ. All leads generated from will be a separate non exclusive contract per showing and will be payed direct to the DJ from lead source.

Gargone Productions will receive a 10% finders fee on all agreed terms on sales from this site. I understand this will be deducted from our payment for services.

I understand above DJ is not an employee of Gargone Productions and will be responsible any damages during any live event hosted by leads from this site.

DJ will not be obligated to a pay finders fee on any other events they may host outside of the leads generated by this site.

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