Jake Hunsinger & The Rock Bottom Band


Country: Artist Both Covers and Original

Set Length 3 Hours

Estimate Cost

$150 – $500

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Travel 100Miles

‘Powerhouse Americana’. This is how Jake Hunsinger and company refer to their sound, and a quick listen shows that this is a more than apt description. Based out of Providence, RI, Hunsinger is backed by the Rock Bottom Band.

Together, they provide dynamic performances with rollicking musical arrangements and tight hillbilly vocal harmonies over good country songs. Hunsinger’s voice is described as “a blend of full-bodied soul and a bit of a twang, (he) is able to pull this off in excellent fashion”. As an obsessive student of American music history and the country songwriting traditions, Hunsinger above all wants to share his heart with those who want to listen. “We’re gonna be together for a little bit, so it’s my job to make sure you enjoy every second of it.” Jakes note: Hi, so I’m a Country/Americana artist supported by 3 really talented guys. We have 3 part hillbilly harmonies, solid rhythm section, great original songs and fun expected and unexpected covers. We’re often described as a very fun and entertaining act that’s also very good humored. We’re fun and want to have fun.

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