Roll Over White


Rock | Covers | Original

Set Time 3 hours

Estimate Cost

$500 – $1000


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Travel Touring

Roll Over White is a 5-piece rock band from Massachusetts featuring Stephen Sifflard on drums and vocals, Isabella Diaz on vocals, James Carney on Guitar, Kevin Cafferty on keys and Emmett Wilmot on bass. The band is coming off a whirlwind 2 years with the release of there debut EP reaching 330,000 streams on Spotify, being nominated for Best New Rock Act by the Limelight Music Awards and the New England Music Awards and being chosen for the 2020 “Rock and Roll Rumble”. Their first Album is set for release in the fall of 2021.

They have toured throughout New England highlighted by their shows at the Middle East in Cambridge MA and the iconic Hard Rock Café in Boston and the Bitter End in SoHo New York City. They play both originals and rock covers and can design a show for up to 3 hours in length. We’ve got Stephen Sifflard on vocals and drums, Isabella Diaz on vocals, James Carney on Lead guitar, Emmett Wilmott on Bass and Kevin Cafferty on keys.

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