Tori Clay



Artist (Original), Solo Artist

Set length 1 hr

Estimate Cost

$50 – $100

Travel Local Only

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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Tori Clay has been a professional actor for decades on TV and in film and on stage. Right before covid hit she was dared to play a song when her friend’s band took a break. She grabbed a guitar and did one even though she had not played anything for anyone since she was a kid.

It was electrifying seeing a crowd grooving and smiling and moving to her own music for the first time. It was so good that she played a few more and when she got off some people in the crowd hugged her and thanked her for sharing her music. She never knew that she was capable of being a musical entertainer thatt people would enjoy hearing. So she started playing at some Open Mic nights locally around Boston. Always getting good reactions and getting the crowd to sing along to music they never heard before and having the time of her life because she just loves entertaining people. Tori only got to play about a half a dozen times before covid closed all the clubs. Then she started playing some Open Mic things online. She also had the honor of playing her political rock song on the morning of presidential election day live to a national audience on a Hollywood radio station. When the clubs started opening again Tori was shocked to receive an unsolicited invitation from a club to play her first ever full set and get paid for it! It is pretty much unheard of for someone to just play a few open mics and then get offered a paying full set gig. It went smoothly and the audience was appreciative. She is invited back to that club to play. That was followed by a booking agent getting her into a much bigger venue the following month. That gig became quite the story because Tori’s hearing aid broke right before it. She is a professional however inexperienced when it comes to music but acting has taught her that the show must go on, so she did her entire set while being suddenly deafened! She could see the crowd applauding and singing along and laughing but she could not hear any of it! She even played the lead breaks on the guitar that she couldn’t even hear. It turned out that it wasn’t that bad because the club wants her back and paid her extra. Tori only does her own original rock music and when people come up after a show to compliment her they often compare her to Lou Reed and sometimes Iggy and sometimes Elvis Costello. Tori is also a transgender woman that sings like a male. She doesn’t hide who she is and incorporate her identity into her patter. She does not consider herself to be a virtuoso as a guitarist or a singer but, she knows how to connect with an audience and keep them entertained. Tori Clay is looking forward to entertaining you!

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